The Queen Is Gone For Good
"The Queen Is Gone For Good" é uma canção cantada por Hildy Gloom e Grim Gloom no episódio de Os 7A, "Fighters Itsy Bitsy Spider", quando Hildy evoca um plano para se livrar da rainha Delightful.


Hildy: I'll conjure up a spider
That's over six feet tall
One that's very mean and scary
Grim: Disgusting, big, and hairy?
Hildy: Yes! And when she sees that spider
The queen will run away (Aah!)
She'll flee in fear, the cost is clear
And we'll be here to stay!

Ambos: Oh, big gigantic spider!
Hildy: You really think I should?
Ambos: When the spider sits beside her,
The queen is gone for good!

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