Spring Pageant é um Outtake da trilha-sonora de Frozen: Uma Aventura Congelante. Em um monte de versões anteriores de Frozen havia essa profecia sobre Arendelle ter um "coração congelado" e o reino sofreria no inverno eterno.


Winter's gone and Spring is springing
Shines the sun with warmth of old
Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Chapel bells are ringing!
We're done with being cold
(with "dong, ding-dong" repeated under)
Flowers a-bloom with odors pleasant,
All of Arendelle is glad!
Mother Earth, we thank you for the presents!
Spring's good and Winter's bad.

(in 4-part round)
Winter's gone and Spring is springing,
Shines the sun with warmth of old.
Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Chapel bells are ringing!
We're done with being cold.
(as parts individually finish, the round eventually ends with the last line being sung in unison)

Pageant Director:
Good! And exeunt group. Narrators come down stage, with confidence!

Pageant Kid 1:
We celebrate spring,
We know once it's here,
The ancient troll prophecy
Won't come to pass this year.

Pageant Kid 2:
What is this prophecy?
What did it say?
Well, that is the subject
Of our little play!

Pageant Director:
Where are my trolls? I need my trolls!

Pageant Trolls:
(Spoken while trying to hold in laughter)
Your future is bleak
Your kingom will splinter
Your land shall be c... (The kids finally lose it and crack up.)

Pageant Director:
STOP! Stop these shenanigans! This is not some silly comedy, Nils Norberg, this is the Trolls' Prophecy. This could be our fate. Give me your gum. Take it from "your future is bleak."

Pageant Trolls:
(More Serious)
Your future is bleak
Your kingom will splinter
Your land shall be cursed
With unending winter

Pageant Director:
Good. Going on.

Pageant Kid 3:
With blasts of cold will come dark art,

Pageant Kid 4:
And a ruler
With a frozen heart!

Pageant Kid 5:
Then all will perish in snow and ice!

Pageant Kids 3,4 & 5:
Unless you are freed with a sword sacrifice!

Pageant Kid:
What's a sword sacrifice?

Other Pageant Kid:
Beats me.

Pageant Director:

Pageant Kid 6:
But Frozen starvation is not today's fate!
Plus we have an EXTRA special cause to celebrate!
The most gracious, gorgeous, smartest, kindest, absolutely perfect...

Pageant Director:
That will do.

Pageant Kid 6:
Role model this land has ever seen!
Princess Elsa! I really love her!
Becomes our QUEEN!!

Look! There she is!

All Children:
(Whispers ad lib)

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